Selling your business is a very complex and tedious process. It involves many aspects that most successful business owners are not exposed to in the day- to-day operation and general do not have the time or familiarity to recognize and understand the complexities of selling their own business. Buying and selling a business is a process. Let our professional firm help you navigate the entire process.


Fees. Until the transaction is closed there are no upfront fees whatsoever.


Evaluation. Free evaluation, drawing upon our experience; reviews of comparable transactions and market trends; proven techniques and work with you to develop the appropriate value. 


Preparation. We prepare a marketing package that is specifically designed for your business, giving the prospective buyer the necessary information to make an informed decision while maintain your confidentiality.


Qualified Buyers. BSN pre-qualify potential buyers before introducing them to your company.  This maintains your confidentiality and allows you to continue running your company with no interruptions.  


World Wide Network. BSN use today's latest technology to aggressively market your company, all the while, maintaining confidentiality and allowing you to continue growing your business, and have proven marketing techniques that allow us to create interest in your company.


Offers for Purchase & Due Diligence. BSN helps you through the negotiations of offers as well as helping you prepare all the financial documents necessary for a successful due diligence process. 


SUPPORT. BSN is there for you from the free evaluation, the marketing process, the offer process, the due diligence process and we work with your other professionals (accountants & attorneys) to bring about a successful transaction.  All the administrative details from providing licensing information, inventory, vendor notification and other necessary items are part of BSN’s services providing you a smooth, seamless and stress free transaction.  


Before you decide to sell your business. To start, call us for a free consultation and free evaluation of your business.


  • Free Evaluation

  • Confidentiality

  • Creating the right marketing package

  • Step by Step support

  • We're the Professional Business Broker


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